Everything should start with Why?
So why are we here … We simply love to combine technology possibilities and tools like smartphones, AI computing, machine learning, etc. to test and solve innovations steps you need in your business. So, we are both HW and SW passion engineers and artists.
Our key goal is to maximally cooperate on a weekly bases and have fast results that you can see, touch and test.

Fast prototyping

Best on the Fast Prototyping approach is that you get something you can touch very fast. For example, once a week you cant check, test and redesign anything on your real experience.

Parallel Hardware and Software development

Because the current world isn’t just a world of technology hardware, and all things are getting smart, most of our prototypes have part of software living on smartphones or servers… And that means that both parts of prototypes have to be build together.

Production preparation

The final of our delivery is full preparation for production. Your engineers are welcomed to finish company or internal standards and needs that were omitted during prototyping. When we omit internal standards, it means that they are just not implemented, but prototypes have to be fully working and prepared for production finalization. All important measurements, functionalities, descriptions, and protocols we deliver as output.